Entrepreneurs from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria (“GSA”) are often experienced exporters and historically the largest share of their exports has been delivered to neighboring European countries.  The U.S. seems to be very similar to Europe on the surface.  The American way of life, business etiquette, and culture seem familiar from the media and vacation, and potential challenges are often evaluated as comparable to those in other European countries.  However, caution is required because conditions in the U.S. can differ considerably from Europe.

Our experience clearly shows that it is essential to prepare thoroughly for the specific features of the U.S. market such as geography, competitive landscape, industry standards and regulations, etc. for successful market entry.

Our specialization is in the thorough understanding of the economic and tax environments in German-speaking European countries and the U.S., which is essential to pursuing a holistic consulting approach for entrepreneurs from GSA.  We have extensive experience supporting companies to successfully enter the complex U.S. market.  Having the right foundation early on is critical and we help our clients to avoid mistakes which could hinder the economics of young start-ups.

Based on many years of experience we have an excellent network in the U.S.  If necessary we can connect clients with external service providers such as attorneys, banks or recruiting firms to facilitate our clients’ entry into the unfamiliar business environment.

Our modular services particularly for start-ups include:

  • Advising on the tax (and economic) aspects of site selection or production location
  • Assistance in choosing a legal entity while considering tax aspects involved
  • International tax planning and structuring for investments in the U.S. under application of tax treaties (income tax, corporate tax, gift and estate tax)
  • Multi-state tax optimization analysis including discussion of potential nexus issues
  • National and international comparisons of effective tax burdens
  • Transfer pricing analysis for goods and services transferred between the parent company in GSA and its U.S. subsidiary or affiliated company
  • Collegial cooperation with attorneys in drafting partnership agreements, license agreements, distributorship agreements and sales representative agreements, etc.
  • Application for U.S. tax identification numbers (individual tax identification number (ITIN) or employer identification number (EIN))
  • Application for authority to do business in a state
  • Support with finding appropriate office space and services
  • Facilitate negotiations with local authorities regarding subsidies and investment incentives
  • Guidance with opening bank accounts with online access
  • Tax optimization of compensation for expatriates
  • Assist with visa applications for expatriates
  • Support with social security topics for expatriates including application of a U.S. social security number (SSN)
  • Advice on implementation of payroll, including structuring of employee benefits and insurances

A detailed description of our additional services such as tax compliance and bookkeeping & accounting can be found under scope of services.