High Net-Worth Individuals

High net-worth individuals and families from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria (“GSA”) often have direct investments in the U.S. and need to consider a variety of tax implications.  Additionally, there may be extensive U.S. reporting requirements with which these individuals and families must comply.  Solid tax planning and structuring is crucial and should focus on thorough analysis and consideration of income and estate tax aspects under application of existing tax treaties.  Advantageous income tax structures can go hand in hand with estate tax disadvantages and vice versa.

As a competent contact in the U.S. we take care of all of our clients’ U.S. tax matters.  Through our sister company, The New York Family Office, we also advise high net-worth individuals, families and family offices from GSA as their extended arm through an interdisciplinary platform with non-tax matters in the U.S. and Canada.