Existing U.S. Subsidiaries or Affiliated Companies

When structuring cross-border investments, it is critical to consider the tax implications in all countries involved.  Therefore, it is necessary to have a holistic understanding of the investors’ income and estate tax circumstances in Europe and the U.S. in order to develop the most efficient tax planning strategies.

Based on its expertise, sound practical knowledge and long-standing experience in Germany and the U.S., our team is not only a professional but also a linguistic and cultural interface between both sides of the Atlantic.

For new clients we offer to review existing tax planning strategies and, if required, develop alternatives and suggest opportunities that are in line with their entrepreneurial and personal goals.

Existing U.S. subsidiaries or affiliated companies primarily need to consider the following taxes:

  • U.S. individual or corporate income tax (federal, state and local taxes)
  • Withholding taxes on interests, dividends, and royalties of U.S. corporations
  • U.S. estate and gift tax (federal and state taxes)
  • U.S. payroll tax
  • Sales and use tax